We are experts in all kinds of stern tube seals and propeller shaft seals.

Based in the UK, our team of highly skilled engineers at Temple Oil Seal Services has been dedicated to the maintenance and repair of stern tube seals / propeller shaft seals for more than 40 years. Whether your vessel is in drydock or afloat, whether bonding is required, or whether the shaft has been withdrawn, you can benefit from their years of experience all around the world.

We service seals from key manufacturers such as Wärtsilä, Kobelco (Kemel), Cedervall and IHC Lagersmit. 

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Not only is the work fully guaranteed, but even more importantly, you can be sure that your seals are reassembled with original spares fully in accordance with manufacturers’ tolerances. At the end of a job by Temple Oil Seal Services you will receive a report on the work carried out and the condition of the seal together with any recommendations for the future. These reports are added to the seal history, which is maintained on our database and is available whenever required for planning future maintenance.


We service the following types of stern tube seals / propeller shaft seals:

Shaft in place
Shaft removed
 Cedervall KL / MDLNo (this seal is not split type)Yes
 Cedervall KR / MDXYesYes
Chuetsu Waukesha MK1 & MK11YesYes
Dover JapanYesYes
 Eagle EVDYesYes
Eagle EVFYesYes
 IHC Sublime (Lagersmit)No (this seal cannot be bonded)Yes
 IHC Supreme (Lagersmit)YesYes
JMT MK1 & MK11YesYes
Kemel (Kobelco) All TypesYesYes
NewarkYes (if split type)Yes
SimplanNo (this seal is not split type)Yes
Simplex ConventionalYes (shaft movement required)Yes
Universal MK1YesYes
Universal MK11YesYes
USMP MarnaYesYes
USMP StandardYesYes
Waukesha Lips MK1Yes (shaft movement required)Yes
Waukesha Lips MK11YesYes

To carry out bonding work on the aft seal while afloat, the vessel has to be trimmed in such a way that the seal is approximately one half of a meter above the water line. This is generally only practical with tankers and bulk carriers.


aft stern tube seals
An aft sterntube seal
stern tube seal housing
Sterntube seal housing demo in our workshop



How long does it take?

This depends on the number of seals and the other work taking place on the vessel, but our engineers will work around the clock in order to meet your requirements.

Give us a call to discuss the work involved, but please bear in mind that the shipyard’s work schedule will often dictate the time needed for a shaft removal. Our engineers liaise closely with superintendents in order to ensure the work is done as quickly as possible.


Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and contact us for a quotation for your next sterntube seal / propeller shaft seal service.